• This is Madness 2010
  • Alpha Bravo Charlie
  • 5 Finger Pellet
  • Save The Fallen
  • Turtle Game
  • Zombie Survival Outbreak
  • Noidzor
  • Forrest Fire Escape
  • Scratch the Bounty Hunter
  • Dynamons World
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Move Left: A / LEFT ARROW Move Right: D / RIGHT ARROW Jump: W / UP ARROW Fall Downwards: S / DOWN ARROW Shoot: Left Click Pick Up Weapon: Right Click Throw: Right Click Reflect Projectiles: S / Q / Space / DOWN ARROW Due to GML constraints, the fullscreen option doesn't work in HTML5. To make the screen bigger, feel free to zoom in on the webpage.

  • Planet Trucker
  • Heavy Metal Rider
  • Boys vs. Girls
  • Go Squirrel Go!
  • Helly Yea
  • Cyber Chaser
  • Zombies vs. Penguins
  • Super Balance
  • Breakfast
  • Halloween Bubble